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Your Audio Content Converted to Text

You’ve worked hard developing your audio content. Maintain your quality standards by entrusting Verb8tm with your transcription needs.

You may have tried other services and found them lacking.  Many of our competitors rely primarily on outsourcing labor with a “brute-force approach,” employing subcontractors who type out your content word by word. This means that your content may be riddled with grammatical, spelling, and attribution mistakes.

For this reason, many transcription houses which use this model claim a level of accuracy they can’t actually deliver, leaving their clients with subpar content with glaring errors the impede both accuracy and readability.

At Verb8tm, we employ rigorous onsite training and pioneering technology that enable us to transcribe your content quickly and accurately without an exorbitant price tag.

We deliver on time, every time – with the highest quality in the industry guaranteed.

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Transcribing Featuring Advanced Capabilities at Industry Basic Prices

Transcribing doesn’t have to be expensive and slow. Verb8tm’s technology allows you to get high accuracy transcripts at low cost. Standard to our products:

  • Multiple Speaker Attribution
  • Ambient Noise Accommodation
  • Rapid Turnaround Time
  • Flexible Delivery Options
  • Accuracy to your Specifications
  • Specialized Terminology
  • Metadata Tagging
  • Multiple Format Options

Choose from Multiple Types of Transcripts

From basic text to advanced functions for enhanced content absorption, no one solution fits every organization. All of our transcripts are formatted for ease of reading and include speaker attribution and soundbites for content clarification. We work with our customers to understand their needs to customize a solution to fit within their budget.

Our Clients Love Our Simple Process, Quality of Work and Superior Customer Service.

“I’ve used Verb8tm for their captioning services. They do a very accurate job, but what I like most is that I can talk with the people doing the work. My experience with other captioning companies has been that there’s no customer service, but Verb8tm is very easy to work with.”
Jonathan Lazar, Towson University
“Verb8tm has been captioning NPR’s longest running Latino news and culture show, Latino USA, for over two years. We couldn’t be happier with their commitment to bringing captioning to radio, and making Latino USA accessible to a wider audience. We are proud to be the first to use their outstanding services.”
Marea Chaveco, The Futuro Media Group
“Our distance-learning courses needed to be captioned to provide two deaf students lecture information in a timely manner. Verb8tm’s turn-around time was fast, but more importantly, they were able to caption technical terms perfectly and they did the background research necessary to get their product right. You rock, Verb8tm!”  
Mike O’Leary, School of Emerging Technologies
“Verb8tm’s service is consistently excellent. We have used other services in the past, and in comparison, the speed, quality, and flexibility Verb8tm demonstrates is superior. Verb8tm knows how to work with the academic community and has been particularly sensitive to the needs of our students. A great service!” 
Susan Willemin, Disability Support Services
“As a small start-up business, we were in need of a transcription house to help capture text for a critical development effort. Verb8tm was efficient, helpful, and their customer service was excellent.  Research doesn’t always go the way you want it to, and Verb8tm’s academic background afforded us the flexibility we needed to complete our work!”
Debra Cancro, Autonomy Engine LLC

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