About Us

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We are a team of professionals dedicated to providing clients the very best captions and transcripts at the lowest prices.

Verb8tm is set apart from our competitors as a team of professionals devoted to providing our clients with the most accurate captioning and transcription services alongside kind and responsive customer care. Verb8tm has been developed through cooperation among transcriptionists, linguists, engineers, and researchers who work together to save you time and money by streamlining the transcription process with an emphasis on quality.

Our Transcribers are selected to succeed!

We’re a special group. Each transcriber has been selected based on rigorous screening designed to identify individuals who are naturally suited for the job. Our unique selection process, in-house training, and company culture encourages employee retention and a core respect for providing our clients with the best possible end product.  There’s no outsourcing or crowdsourcing. Our associates are fully engaged in creating your product every step of the way.

We are born researchers.

True innovation is no small task, especially in the captioning and transcription world.  We develop cutting-edge solutions that let us do our work efficiently with constant strides towards even greater speed, reliability, and precision. Our team is made up of creative software engineers, audio engineers, psycholinguists and cognitive scientists.    We have a lot of fun at tech team meetings.

We are passionate about quality and service.

Our goal is to best serve you, the customer and partner with you to create unique accessibility and text-management solutions for your needs. To do so, our quality assurance team continually monitors transcriptionists’ output with rigorous adherence to perfection at the fore. Given our commitment to quality, we guarantee a 100% accuracy rate for our full accuracy transcription and captioning products.